Truck, tower and satellite

Locuswell Ltd

We are Finnish modern-day pioneers on a mission to bring the position-based data to the very core of our customers' everyday business. All our employees have several years of experience from the field of state-of-the-art locationing, tracking and remote surveillance solutions.

We relentlessly pursue to perform as forerunners and help our customers to integrate their valuable location data as a seamless part of their enterprise business.

Visual tracking for assets in realtime

Locuswell service provides an easy-to-use interface, enabling the customers to track their valuable personnel and assets in realtime, boosting the productivity through the increased controllability, planning and monitoring.

Security for employees and mobile assets

Locuswell service responds rapidly to various possible hazard scenarios and situations that might occur on the field. The service can be configured to react to different events and automatically alert the emergency center or the field supervisor.

Automated reports

The daily company processes are prone to failures and human errors. Our service eases the burden of these obligatory processes by automatically keeping track of daily events with an internal backlog. The customers can easily transfer the reports of interest such as driving logs and worktime sheets to their computer with a few keyclicks.

Customized service

The service interface is customized starting from our customers core needs and delivered as an web-based SaaS service. Optionally, the whole system can be delivered readily to customer servers as an all-inclusive turnkey solution.

Technical support

Our service automatically includes technical customer support service provided by our qualified personnel to address any technical needs and situations that our customers might encounter.









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